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- Burn Out, Demo 1983
- 5tr Demo, 1986
- 3tr Demo, 1987

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Burn (Swe / Sandviken)

Burn (Swe / Sandviken)
Band Info
Heavy Metal
Sweden (

Horndal, Sandviken / Södertälje / Älvsjö, Stockholm

198x - 1994 (changed name)
Official Website

Emil Gammeltoft - Vocals (Nerved, Some Kind of Rubus)
Ilpo "Paul Carry/Curry" Ylitalo - Guitar (Squeeler, Side Effect)
Juha Marjaniemi - Guitar (Squeeler, Belford)
Patrick Johansson - Bass
Ismo "Pete Carry/Curry" Ylitalo - Drums (Squeeler)

Former / Past Members
Hans "Hasse" Bell - Vocals, Bass
Tomas "Tom Oakland" Eklund - Vocals
Tomas "Paul Garry" Ylivainio - Guitar (Nagazaki)
Patrik "Patrick Fox" Söderkvist - Guitar
Hans "Alex Hill" Hernberg - Bass
Formed in the early 80's in Horndal, Sandviken. When BURN got a record deal with the Stockholm label Moonishine Records they moved to Södertälje (outside Stockholm) and released their self-titled debut album "Burn (1983)".  BURN also recorded a couple of demos and released a EP on the private label Lonely Sailor Records in -88. The band later split but would reform in 1992 as SQUEELER. Ilpo Yiltano are today active in the hard rock band SIDE EFFECT.
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+1 # Juha Marjaniemi 2017-11-09 21:36
Lite updatering där...Emil Gammeltoft ersatte Hasse Bell..efter EPn...sedan kom jag med ca -94 ersatte Tomas Ylivaino ...då bytte vi samma veva till ...blev det senare Squeeler....Ism o Ylitalo var kvar....Robert Nilsson kom med cs -95 på bas...
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# FWOSHM 2017-11-18 08:44
Hej Juha! tack för infon. Har uppdaterat lite.
Kolla gärna och rätta om det är något fel.
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# Conny Törnkvist 2022-06-21 10:19
Patrick, vad gör du nuförtiden?
Mvh Conny
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