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- Blues Support, CD 1997
- Head On!, CD 2006

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Blues Support (Swe)

Blues Support (Swe)
Band Info
Blues Rock
Sweden (

Märsta, Stockholm

1985 - present
Official Website
Åke Öhrlund - Vocals, Guitar
Christer Sundh - Guitar, Vocals, Organ (Sid F. Band)
Roger Sundh - Guitar
Mikael Sundh - Bass
Henrik Torsell - Drums
Former / Past Members
Ingemar "Ingo" Oscarsson - Vocals, Guitar (Sid F. Band)
Thomas Lingman - Drums (Sid F. Band)
Fredik Grahn - Drums
Hasse Jonsson - Drums
Biography (from
in Märsta have been around playing The Blues, in different constellations since about 1985. Three of the members (Sundh brothers) have been playing together since about 1978. We're playing a mixture of originals and bluescovers and we've played a lot of different places throughout the years.

The original band was Sundh brothers, Ingemar Oscarsson (vocals) andTomas Lingman (drums). Later, among other things, Tomas and Ingo formed another bluesband (Sid F. Band) where Christer also part time joined.

Ingo and Tomas were replaced by Åke (vocals/guitar) and Fredik Grahn (drums). Since Fredrik was a very busy fulltime musician and also much more ambitious than the rest of us, he didn't stay very long. Sadly enough for Blues Support, because it would not be easy to replace him.

We got a tip about a guy called Hasse Jonsson, originally from Skellefteå but now living in Karlberg (Stockholm). With Hasse behind the drums, we recorded a CD at the Music Academy of Piteå. At that time our economy didn't allow us to produce more than one CD. Since Hasse was very keen on wallclimbing, he decided to climb further and left Blues Support. We were lucky to have Åke, who had a big net of contacts all over Uppsala. With great persuasion we talked Henrik Torsell into joining Blues Support. As the proud member of the band that he is, Henrik of course is playing the drums on our latest CD.
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