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Blues Bag (Swe)

Blues Bag (Swe)
Band Info
Blues / Boogie Rock / Hard Rock
Sweden (

Vikbolandet, Norrköping

1985 - XXXX
Lennart "Lelle/Lenny Cage" Kåge - Vocals, Guitar (Baden Baden Band, John Sold, Alhambra, Night Shift, Liverpool, Madeira, Lo?wenboys, Indian Red, Greenhill Blues Band)

Hans "Captain" Derestam - Bass (Baden Baden Band, Stinkfotarna, Alhambra, The Moose, Moosters)

Sten "Stan Cage" Kåge (Baden Baden Band, John Sold, Alhambra, Night Shift)
Blues act heavily influenced by ZZ TOP. Recorded a single, full-lenght LP, cassette album and a unreleased album produced by Robert Zima (Trettioåriga Kriget). They also contributed with the song "Looking For You" on the 'KURT (1988)' compilation.
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1988 KURT
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