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Blue Balls (Swe)

Blue Balls (Swe)
Band Info
Metal / Punk
Sweden (

Stenungsund, Gothenburg

1988 - ca 1993
Björn "Nalle" Oscarsson - Vocals, Guitar (Norden Light, Mentzer)
Tommie Ruuskanen - Bass R.I.P.
Hasse Chapskate - Drums
Dan Helgesen - Keyboards (Don Patrol, Sjunne Ferger, Stonefunkers, Mikael Rickfors, Jaquee, Martin Gabriel)
Former / Past Members
Magnus Lindh - Bass (Calilio, Toe Jam, Treasure Land, Skull Parade, The Flow, Ichabod Crane)
Patrick Linhem - Bass
Elvis Soploher - Bass
Marco Bongiovanni
Info (from Janne Stark' Encyclopedia)
The band was formed as SO WHAT! around 1988, but changed to BLUE BALLS because of the Norwegian pop band. The name came from a sexual experience Björn had at the age of 13, with a much older woman. Patrik was only in the band for three gigs and bass on the album was played by Magnus Lindh (CALILIO, TREASURE LAND, SKULL PARADE) and keyboards by Dan Helgesen. After the album, the band found a steady bass player in Tommi Ruuskanen. The style now became more punkish and due to drugs the band took a bit of a halt. After two years the band was supposed to reunite, but Tommie died in 1995, only 25 years old. Björn has directed and written movies and music videos.
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