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- Demo 1985 ("Gathered Beyond The Sea" etc)

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Conquest (Swe / Gnesta)

Conquest (Swe / Gnesta)
Band Info
Heavy / Doom Metal
Sweden (


Official Website
Kenneth "Ken Stone" Steen - Vocals, Bass (Calamity Blaze, Victory, Pride, Johnny Beam Rockin' Trio, The Knockouts)
Joakim "Jocke Simon" Ringel - Guitar (Victory, Pride)
Johnny "Berget" Bergman - Drums (Calamity Blaze, Victory, Pride, Project E.A.P., Rosicrucian, Slapdash, Man.Machine.Industry, Mr. Hangpike & Adams Leafs, Hi-Tech Addicted Legion, Tria, Filth Hound Four, Pansar, The Deed, Guilt Trip, Rövfitta Terrror Squad)
Not to be confused with Conquest from Sundsvall.

Shortlived doomish heavy metal act from Nyköping featuring Jocke Ringel + Johnny "Berget" Bergman and Kenneth "Ken Stone" Steen who earlier had played together in the bands Calamity Blaze and Victory. Conquest cut their one and only demo in 1985 which featured songs such as "Gathered Beyond the Sea" etc. They changed name to Pride the following year adding Jonny Stråhle on guitars. Bergman later played in bands such as Slapdash, Rosicrucian and Man.Machine.Industry. Kenneth Steen are today active in the punk/rock band The Knockouts.
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