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Chained (Swe)

Band Info
Hard Rock / Heavy Metal
Sweden (

Bottna, Söderköping

1986 - ca 1989
Jonny "Juno" Jonsson - Guitar (Once Around, Magic Carpet Ride, Upyour's, Juno & Wållberg)
Roger "Bogge" Svensson - Bass (Hexagon, Ghana, Outland, Marduk, Rockbris, Paradise, Allegiance, Rebelangels, Elizium, Devils Whorehouse, Moment Maniacs, Magic Carpet Ride)
Håkan Bokull - Drums (HB & Cola)
Henka - Keyboard
Former / Past Members
Stefan Wållberg - Vocals? (Daggaschooa, Crystal Arrows, Stratoz, Once Around, Regnskog, Upyour's, Fritt Fall, JWK, M.L:son Band, Mr Spruce, Juno & Wållberg)
Roger Borgstrand - Bass
Jonas Thome - Drums? (Hexagon, Outland, Paradise)
Benka Lindström - Drums (Ruthless)
Chained was formed in 1986 by Jonny "Juno" Jonsson, Roger Borgstrand, Jonas Thome' (formerly Paradise, Outland) and Stefan Wållberg (formerly Crystal Arrows). The band had their first rehearsal room in the house "Minnet" in Bottna outside Söderköping. Their influences were bands like Van Halen, Ratt, TNT and Dokken which they earnestly tried to imitate. The first line-up came no longer than beyond the rehearsal room. In 1987 Wållberg and Thome left the band. New drummer was Benka Lindström (ex-Ruthless). This line-up had their first gig at a rockshow in Brunnsladan - 87.  Chained had now moved into Medborgarskolan's new rehearsal rooms in Ljunga outside Söderköping.

After a year Lindström also left the band. The line-up was now expanded with Roger "Bogge" Svensson on bass (Marduk, Paradise, Hexagon etc), Håkan Bokull on drums and Henka (?) on the keyboard. This line-up recorded a demo, played a rockshow at the Sports Hall - 88 and attended Rock-SM. They however disbanded a year later. Bokull later appeared in the band HB & Cola. Juno started Once Around with Niklas Samuelsson and Johan Lindekrantz. Juno and Bogge reunited a few years later in the band Magic Carpet Ride along with Tobias Tybåhl on drums. In 1991 Juno and Wållberg formed the band Upyour's together with Böna Sahlin and continued the following year as the troubadours Juno & Wallberg.
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