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Crucifer (Swe) - No Soul

Unsuspected cofrontation
With some one else's frustration
Only a man without a soul
And not of woman born
Couldn cause such a pain
And everlasting scars
It pleases only one
But destroys another
It sickens me

I've seen what it leaves, in it's wake
Feelings of guilt, that don't die
I've seen what it leaves, a crippled victim

Why you it's just happened to be
Something you could never foresee
Can't seem to find an answer
Desperation speads like cancer
Still your eyes reveal nothing
Of the agony raging insinde
How can you live with this hell
That reenacts itself
Time after time

Wish you could forget it all
Let it drift into obscurity
Sometimes seems like it's passed
But it always finds it's way back
How can you ever come to bury
This overflowing hatred
No matter how hard you try
The memory is forever alive
Inside your head


No soul!
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