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Cherry Red (Swe)

Cherry Red
Band Info
AOR / Melodic Hard Rock
Sweden (


1985 - 1990 (as Roulette), 1990 - XXXX (as Cherry Red)
Thomas Lundgren - Vocals (Roulette, Red Skies, Reptilerna?)
Magnus Nelin - Guitar (Roulette, Ivory (guest), Kaza)
Hansi Fellbrink - Bass (Roulette, Lion's Share (guest), Overload)
Mats Nelin - Drums (Roulette, Ivory (guest), Rain (guest) Kaza)
Thomas Nesslin - Keyboards (Roulette, Red Skies, Europunch, B 'N J)
The band Roulette was formed in 1985 in Sundsvall, Sweden. All the guys had been in previus bands with Hansi Fellbrink ex. Overload, Lundgren and Nesslin, Red Skies and the Nelin brothers The Kaza 5 young guys who had found each other, "clicked" and started to rehearse songs and play "live" at rock clubs and festivals around Sweden. They became one of the most popular bands in their hometown and had a couple of hits on the local radiostations.

The year after they took part in the competition POP -86 where they went to the final at Hard Rock Café / Stockholm. In the jury was Tommy Nilsson from Easy Action and Kee Marcello from Europe! In 1987 the sign a record deal with TAB Records and released their first singel "Hearts Keep On Burning" with Tommy Nilsson on backing vocals!!
The second singel was released in 1988 called "Fool for your love", and a video was made to promote that singel.
In this period Roulette performed on a lot of Swedish TV-shows like "Top Gear"/Nordic Channel, "Night Life"/TV 3 and "Metropol"/SVT.

In 1990, influenced by their prospective label, they changed their name to Cherry Red and won a record deal with CBS. They started to record their first full length album at Stockholm Recording with producer Per Blom, but the album became just a singel called "Only The Strong" and was released on CBS subsidiary label, Cupol Records. In the beginning of 2008 they were contacted by the record label AOR-FM, and they released a 17 song best-of album with ROULETTE singles/demos, called "Better Late Than Never".

Info from Janne Starks Encyclopedia

The whole thing started already back in 1985 when the guys formed under the name Roulette, under which name they released two singles and a posthumous CD (released in 2008 on AOR-FM Records). In 1990, influenced by their prospective label, they changed their name to Cherry Red and won a recording contract with CBS. They started recording their debut album, but after having recorded only three tracks the label changed it to a single (after having signed Rat Bat Blue), which was released on the CBS sub label Cupol. The band subsequently split, but continued playing together as a Def Leppard tribute band.
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