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Candle (Swe)

Candle (Swe)
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Heavy Metal
Sweden (


2015 - present
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Erik Nordkvist - Vocals (Assaultery, Blazon Stone)
Markus Janis - Guitars (Corrosive Carcass)
Christian Kanto - Guitars (Corrosive Carcass, Patronymicon (live))
Juhani Pihlajainen - Bass
Jorma Pihlajainen - Drums (Serpent Skies)
Official Biography
Candle aims to throw you back to the good old days of heavy metal. Add in a healthy dose of atmosphere along with a theatrically fueled performance, and you have what Candle is all about. Started by Markus Janis, with a desire to get back into guitar again aside from his role as drummer of Corrosive Carcass, and Christian Kanto (guitars) who shares the same enthusiasm for this kind of music, we began rehearsing around 2015 as a duo. Confident in our material, we started looking for members to complete the constellation.  Soon after, we found that the brothers Jorma Pihlajainen (drums) and Juhani Pihlajainen (bass) would be a great addition to the team with their musical skills. Last but not least, Erik Nordkvist (vocals), with an impressively strong singing voice along with his willingness to "act out" what he sings, was the perfect last part to fill. Since our formation we have performed but one live show, opening up for former Iron Maiden vocalist Blaze Bayley, where we were met with overall positive response. Now our debut demo has just seen the light of day, and with it we hope 2017 will be a year of gigging and the recording and release of what will become our premier album.
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