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Candle (Swe) - Betrayal

Sun is dawning in the skies
Thoughts are whirling in my mind

My feet are sore from hours of walking
My concentration is slipping from me
I see a house, a house I remember
I'm pretty sure that I've been there before

Signs of long gone memories
Fear of what may wait for me

As I enter in the frontyard
Make my way to the main door
Knocking on the main door
But no one would answer

As I take a look inside
There my love is sitting nigh

As I knock the main door harder
I hear the footsteps closer
And the main door opens
And then it hits me

There is a man standing there
He is my best friend, he and my love
Together they have betrayed me
Deceived me I understand now

Fear is in their frozen stare
No it can't be you again

Running back to where I from
Tears in my eyes I'm lost now
Facing their betrayal
Finally back in hiding
That's where I found it
The corpse I remember
Dead now, I was always dead here
Now I remember, no
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