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Candle (Swe) - Frozen With Fear

Night has come and the ground is covered in a sickly fogbank
Creeping up to the rusty gate, I force it open
Tombs surround me, I must be at some ancient graveyard
Cryptic markings, this must be since long abandoned

I feel as though I'm beeing watched
The shadows dance at the corner of my eye

Eyes are moving, I try to find some place of respite
Then a stranger lays his hand upon my shoulder
I turn around and I see a figure in black vestment
He greets me "Welcome have you come to stay here as the others?"

Frozen with fear, confusion stalls my reply
"Who are you, what do you mean?"

"I am the old gravekeeper, I tend to these graves and their residents"

"I am lost now, where I am, please can't you help me?
All I want is to find my way back into town"
His response is an empty glare and then he smiles
Nodding slowly, he raises his hand and points the way

Frozen with fear, confusion stalls my reply
"Thank you I'll be on my way"

With no one else to beseech for help
My only hope is to trust this man

Frozen with fear I start to make my way out
Finally made my way home
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