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Conny Enström (Swe)

Conny Enström (Swe)
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Progressive / Punk / Rock
Sweden (



Started in the mid 70's as a trubadour seing the release of his debut single in 1972 followed with a 2nd in 1974. His 3rd single released on Pang Records in 1980 are probably the less known but for sure the most interesting as it featurus decent prog/rock.

Conny Enström later moved to Piteå and wrote a book in 2010 entitled "Jag Sköt Olof Palme" which is a story about the murderer of Olof Palme. An TV-interview with Conny about his book and music career can be seen here (swedish): The Music / The Book.

Conny Enström - Guitar, Vocals
Gute ifrån Gotland, Single 1972
Vid Gamla Bron En Sommarkväll, Single 1974
Aktiva Vindar, LP 1981

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