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Calipash (Swe)

Band Info
Thrash Metal


1987 - 1988
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Jens Kidman - Vocals, Guitar (Meshuggah, Metallien)
Fredrik Thordendal - Guitar (Meshuggah, Metallien, Fredrik Thordendal's Special Defects)
Peter Nordin - Bass (Meshuggah)
Niclas Lundgren - Drums (Meshuggah)

Former / Past Members
Torbjrn Granstrm - Guitar
MESHUGGAH was formed in 1987 in Ume, Sweden. At this time the line-up was Fredrik Thordendal Guitars, Jens Kidman Vocals, Johan Sjgren - Guitars, Per Sjgren - Drums and Jrgen Lindmark - Bass. Jens Kidman soon left the band and started the band CALIPASH with bassist Peter Nordin, drummer Niclas Lundgren and guitarist Torbjrn Granstrm.Johan Sjgren left Meshuggah in -88 and guitarist Jonas Lindberg took his place in the band.

Fredrik Thordendal found Calipashs music more in line with what he wanted to do and so left the band (leading to the dissolution of the band, as this line-up). Fredrik kind of took the MESHUGGAH band name with him as he joined forces with CALIPASH and they went under the MESHUGGAH name from then on. During the early stages of the now reformed Meshuggah - Torbjrn Granstrm left the band.
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