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Missing in Discography
- 2tr Demo, 1982
- 4tr Demo, 1983
- Shake Into Emotion, 3tr Demo 1986
- 5tr Demo, 1990 ("Hide n' Seek" etc)
- Later Demos (1995 - 2000s)

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Crystal Pride (Swe)

Crystal Pride (Swe)
Band Info
Female Fronted / Heavy Metal
Sweden (


1981 - present?
Photos / Videos
Susanne "Sussie" Christensen/First - Vocals, Keyboard (Swedish Metal Aid, Woodoo)
Christer "Chris J. First" First - Guitar (Swedish Metal Aid, Torch, Black Widow)
Peter "Quick" Kvick - Bass, Vocals (Woodoo)
Håkan Hedlund - Drums (Swedish Metal Aid, Torch, Avalon, Rust, Black Widow)

Former / Past Members:
Krister Taimi (1981-1984) - Guitar (Woodoo, On The Rox)
Michael "Mike" Lundberg (1981-1984) - Guitar (Woodoo)
Fredrik "Bongo" Lindström (1981-1982) - Drums (Woodoo)
Johnny Mattson - Drums (Scaar)
Christer Ambler - Drums
A Swedish, female fronted rock unit, created November 1980 as WOODOO by Susanne Christensen and Fredrik "Bongo" Lindström. Adapted CRYSTAL PRIDE in early 1981 and appeared with the 'Crystal Pride' 7" EP in November 1982. A further EP release followed in 1984 and an eponymously titled album the same year, by which time drummer Fredrik Lindström had been replaced by Johnny Mattsson. Lindström is now a popular TV profile / host / comedian. CRYSTAL PRIDE contributed tracks to a four way split album, 'Metal Hammer from Scandinavia' released through Rival Music International in 1988, shared with LAZY, LYNX and SHERE KHAN.

The band wasn't really heard from again until the arrival of a four track demo in 1990, which found former TORCH men Christer First on guitar and Håkan Hedlund on the drums as fully paid up members of CRYSTAL PRIDE. The video  for the song "Hide n' Seek" got the "Guldrullen" prize in 1992.

Susanne Christensen (now First) are married to CRYSTAL PRIDE/TORCH guitarist Christer First.
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