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Missing in Discography
- Veangeance of our Gods (Demo, 1998)
- Only The Strong (CD, 1999)
- V/A - Sundsvalls Gatufest Demoscenen (CD 2001)
- V/A - Power from the Blade Vol 1 (CD, 2000) JCM RECORDS
- V/A - Sundsvalls Underground (CD 2001)

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Conquest (Swe / Sundsvall)

Conquest (Swe / Sundsvall)
Band Info
Hard Rock / Heavy Metal
Sweden (


1986 - 2001
Official Website
Denny Edström - Vocals
Daniel Nilsson/Sahlin - Guitar (Inferiah, Sorghegard, Setherial, In Aeternum)
Johnny Georgsson - Guitar
Daniel Ljung - Bass (Inferiah, Sorghegard, Valkyria)
Jonas Brändström - Drums (Inferiah)

Former / Past Members
Mikael "Micke" Sundqvist - Vocals, Bass
Grim - Vocals (Darklands)
Per "Thunaraz" Karlsson - Guitar (Blot Mine, Setherial)
Bosse Georgsson - Drums
Stefan Jansson - Drums (Kingcover)
Not to be confused with Conquest from Nyköping.

In the year of 1986 the band Conquest was formed by Johnny Georgsson (guitar) and Bosse Georgsson (drums) . Micke sundqvist (Vocal/bass) joined the band. After a while Bosse left and Stefan Jansson of KINGCOVER took over the drums. Many gigs in the local area where made and, a two song demo, "Bad Girls", was recorded in the beginning of 1990.

In 1995 the band was put on ice due to dissagreements of what kind of music CONQUEST should play and Johnny left and took the name with him. Late 97 Johnny and Daniel Ljung (bass) started the band again, with Thunaraz, (guitar) a member of the black metal band BLOT MINE (ex SETHERIAL memb.) Then Micke and Bosse joined again, CONQUEST was formed again.

This far a second demo was recorded, "Glory of Death", and Micke left again after that. He thought CONQUEST had become to heavy for him. He also had the cover band KINGCOVER, that plays old 70´s-80´s rock songs. As the band had no longer a vocalist, CONQUEST searched a long time for a new vocalist and found Grim, (ex drummer of the doom metal band DARKLANDS), and saw that he fitted in just perfect in the band. But the trouble wasn´t over with that...Bosse didn´t have the time for CONQUEST and in the beginning of 98, a new drummer, Jonas Brändstöm, joined. Thunaraz didn´t have the time also, becouse he had BLOT MINE and he writes the music for that band, so he left to, but then a guitarist with the name Daniel Sahlin-Nilsson saw CONQUEST at their first gig for a long time in Pipeline, Sundsvall, and he was interested in playing with them, so Daniel asked the band if ihe could play with them, and during the summer of 98 CONQUEST was a full band once again.

In oktober CONQUEST recorded their third demo "Vengeance of our Gods". With that demo they got some attantion of recordlabels, but nothing happened. The band had a couple of gigs in Sundsvall (music city of 99) one at a festival called "Gatufesten" with bands like LION'S SHARE. CONQUEST also did a support act for SAXON in Sundsvall to mention a few band. Daniel N, Daniel S and Jonas B formed INFERIAH after CONQUEST disbanded.
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