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Cool For Cats (Swe)

Cool For Cats (Swe)
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Sweden (


Arnold Compier - Vocals

Tommy Denander - Guitar, Keyboards (ATC, Cheese, -17- (guest), Downtown, David Readman, Audiovision, Indigo Dying, Tykoon, Spin Gallery, Speedy Gonzales, Rainmaker, Prisoner, Heartbreak Radio, Los Angeles, Michael Bormann, Frozen Rain, Mitch Malloy, Denander / Gaitsch, David Readman, Radioactive, Deacon Street, Mountain of Power)

Kent Kroon - Guitar (Heavy Load, Hans Edler (guest), John Turner (guest), Rob 'n' Raz (guest), Kjell Wallgren (guest))
Poppy AOR act featuring Tommy Denander on guitar and keyboards. Also featuring Kent Kroon known for have produced/engineered albums for CHEESE, NOTORIOUS, CROSS, EGBA etc..

The choir on the single consists of Alis Magnum (Yale Bate), Magnus Lange (Cheese, Jazzaux, Yale Bate etc), Jake Samuels (Freddie Field, The Poodles, Yale Bate, Talisman, Jekyll & Hyde, Grand Slam), and Thomas Wikström (involved w/bands such as Lions Share, Zaragon, Candlemass, Therion, Dark Illusion, Mehida, Stormwind, Covered Call, Enlighted, Demon Angels, Silent Memorial, Tommy Vitaly, Afterglow, Brazen Abbot, Talisman, Talk of the Town, Thomas Vikström, Vinnie Vincent Invasion, etc).
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