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Crier (Swe)

Crier (Swe)
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Heavy Metal
Sweden (

Knislinge, Östra Göinge

1982, 1986 - 1990, 2009, 2011 - present
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Björn Svensson - Vocals (1988 - present) (Eyes?)
Jonas Hellström - Guitars (1989 - 1990, 2012 - present)
Mats "Masken" Svensson - Bass (1982 - present) (Metal Muthaz, Sacrifice)
Andreas Klügel - Guitars (2011 - present)
Jimmy Ek - Drums (2011 - present)

Rickard "Rille" Larsson - Vocals (1985-1987) (Mercy, Sacrifice, Sanzia, Supreme Majesty, Magica, In Black)
Anders Strengerg - Vocals (1985 - 1987) (Metal Muthaz, Sacrifice, Mercy, Sound Express, Espinoza)
Zenny "Gram" Hansson - Vocals (1984) (Metal Muthaz, Spin Air, Ironside, Arrowz, Destiny, Faith, Treasure Land)
Mikael Söder - Vocals (1984) (Metal Muthaz)
Jeffrey Branscher - Vocals (1982 - 1984) (Metal Muthaz)
Jeff Jansson - Vocals (year?)

Thomas "Tott" Axelsson - Guitars (1982 - 2011) (Metal Muthaz, Sacrifice)
Benny Lundgren - Guitars (1988) (Ironside)
Henrik "Stanley Hawk" Lindén - Guitars (1987) (Sacrifice)
Thomas Lundgren - Guitars (1982 - 1987)  (Metal Muthaz, Sacrifice)
Kent Persson - Guitars (year?) (Riff Raff?)
Marcus Suikki - Guitars (year?)
Kaj Persson - Guitars (year?) (Sacrifice)

Mikael Gustavsson - Drums (1983 - 1990) (Metal Muthaz, Sacrifice)
Magnus Olsson - Drums (1982 - 1983) (Metal Muthaz)
Tommy Johansson - Drums (year?) (Sacrifice)
Magnus Persson - Drums (year?)

Anders Olinder - Keyboards (1989 - 1990)
Fredrik Persson - Keyboards (1988)
Tom Bjärlestam - Keyboards (year?)

CRIER was formed in 1982 by Thomas Axelsson - Guitars, Magnus Olsson - Drums, Mats Svensson - Bass and Thomas Lundgren - Guitars. Vocalist Jeffre Branscher joined the band in late -82 and the band adapted the new name METAL MUTHAZ. Drummer Magnus Olsson shortly after left the band and was replaced by Mikael Gustavsson. METAL MUTHAZ rehearsed, wrote new songs and went out on a local tour in Hässleholm.

Vocalist Jeffrey Branscher leaves the band and are replaced with Mikael Söder, Mikael didn't last long and leaves shortly after he joined. Zenny Grahm now jumps in as MUTHAL MUTHAZ vocalist. The band records a couple of demos who they send out to various labels. Roffe Persson at EMI Music contacted METAL MUTHAZ and said they where the best band he had heard that year and that they had one of Swedens best singers (Zenny). METAL MUTHAZ was signed to EMI but sadly Zenny Grahm left the band and the contract ended. Anders Strengerg joins on vocals and a 2-track demo is recorded.

METAL MUTHAZ changes their name to SACRIFICE and records their debut single 'Street Fighter / Innocent Victim' at Hellrec Studio. It's released in 1985 by Platina Records. Anders Strenberg leaves SACRIFICE shortly after and the new vocalist Rickard Larsson joins. The band becomes CRIER again and a demo is recorded.

CRIER records the song "Fantasy World" for the UK Ebony Records compilation 'The Metal Collection Vol.2'. Other bands contributing are Swedish PHOENIX from Malmö and UK bands such as STORMCHILD, CENTURION, DRAGONSLAYER, FAST KUTZ and DEALER the vinyl is released in 1987.

Rickard Larsson and former guitarist Thomas Lundgren leaves the band. Anders Strengberg joins as singer again and Stanley Hawk as their new guitarist. CRIER attend ROCK-SM 1987 with Diana Gustavsson doing the choirs.

Anders Strenberg leaves the band "again" to join MERCY and are replaced with Björn Svensson. Guitarist Stanley Hawk are replaced with Benny Lundgren and a keyboardist are added; Fredrik Persson. The band attend ROCK-SM 1988 with this new line-up.

Fredrik Persson are replaced with Anders Olinder on keyboards and guitarist Benny Lundgren are replaced with Jonas Hellström. The band goes into HellRec studio and records their second single entitled "Bad Booze / Running in the Night", released later that year. The band does a few live gigs.

CRIER rehears and jam a bit but the band have lost the spark and folds.

The band is reformed with a couple of new members and starts to work on new material and also attends Helgeåfestivalen. More info about CRIER can be found at their Website, Facebook and Myspace.
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