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Dame Fortune (Swe)

Dame Fortune
Band Info
Hard / Heavy Rock
Sweden (


1977 - 1981
Official Website
Mikael "Big Hozz" Fredriksson - Vocals (B.H.A.T.A., Tox, Sleazy Roze, Grand Vision, Headline, Frontiers, PRABB)
Per Connman/De Flon - Guitars (Concrete Fear, High Voltage, Goda Grannar, Bo Wastesson, De Flon & Jonas Blum)
Roland "Rolle" Forsén - Bass
Anders Jensen - Drums (Tox, Concrete Fear, High Voltage, Tumbleweeds)
Former / Past Members
Willy Landstedt - Guitars (Paragraf Pop, Crash Boom Band, Willys Hjätar)
Micke Westerback - Bass (Paragraf Pop)
Thomas Skinnar - Bass, Keyboard
A hard/heavy rock band from Norrköping heavily influenced by Led Zeppelin. Some demos was recorded but Dame Fortune was more a live band then a studioband. The band used to mix original material with Led Zeppelin covers and also had some opportunities as opening act for Motörhead on a UK tour in 1981. That never happened since the singer got cold feet and decided to leave the band prior to the tour. After changes of line-ups and lot of internal fighting the band finally broke up in 1981. Willy Landstedt and Micke Westerback later formed Paragraf Pop together with Per Frimodig (recorded a single and attended Rock-SM in 1982). Willy have also played in Crash Boom Band together with Peter "Storken" Månsson and Putte Johansson of Depzon, Casiopeia, etc.  Per De Flon and Anders Jensen are today active in the band Concrete Feat together with Jonas Blum and Lars Hultman (Dizziness, Pole Position, Heartline, etc). Anders and Per are also members of Swedish cover band High Voltage.
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