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Depzon (Swe)

Depzon (Swe)
Band Info
Heavy Metal
Sweden (



Michael Svensson - Vocals
Peter Wingård - Guitar (Casiopeia) R.I.P.
Stefan Nilsson - Guitar (ÅkEbort´s Orkester)
Peter "Storken/Storch" Månsson - Bass (ÅkEbort´s Orkester, Crash Boom Band, Casiopeia)
Per-Ove "P-O/Putte" Johansson - Drums (Sleazy Roze/Sleazy, Axewitch, Crash Boom Band, Casiopeia, Concrete Feat, King Laoghaire, Per de Flon)

Formed as CRASH BOOM BAND, later became CASIOPEIA and in mid 80's adapted the name DEPZON and released the 7" 'Flying on the Sundown / Lost in the Forest'. They also recorded a couple of demos. Peter Wingård moved to England after the split but sadly passed away a few years ago. Peter "Storken" Månsson are today active in the band ÅKE BORTS ORKESTER.
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