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Desert Rain (Swe)

Desert Rain (Swe)
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AOR / Glam
Sweden (



Brian "Bee" Frank - Vocals (Firewind, Killer Bee, Planet B, Rapid Tears (Can))

Mats Byström - Guitars (Boogietryck, Sergeant, Neon Rose, Killer Bee, The Fjuns, The Bollocks, Charlie Bonanza Band, Blue Notez, Hansa Band, Paradise, Irish Fake, Roger & The Rockets, Legs)

Anders "L.A." Rönnblom - Bass (Dark Tyrants, Firewind, Romance, Killer Bee, Avenue, X-Romance)

Steven "Steve A.J." Ranzow - Drums (Original Sin (US/Cal), Espinoza (US)

Leif Ehlin - Keybaords (Dark Tyrants, Firewind, Romance, Killer Bee, Avenue)

An Örnsköldsvik based Christian outfit, DESERT RAIN were fronted by Canadian vocalist Brian Frank, who had previously been the lead vocalist with cult early 1980s Canadian Metal band RAPID TEARS. When DESERT RAIN split, after the release of their album entitled 'Bang Bang' in 1991, Frank and bassist Anders Rönnblom formed KILLER BEE. Drummer Steven Ranzow subsequently joined ESPINOZA.
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