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D.I.Y (Swe)

D.I.Y (Swe)
Band Info
AOR / Melodic Rock / Hard Rock
Sweden (


Patrik Björklund - Vocals, Keyboard (Hollow Men?)

Per Hesselrud - Guitar (Eddy Malm Band, Highbrow, Bosse, IFK Doom, Ignition, Nattugglorna, Grand Pop Station, Shock The Monkey)

Olle Bergqvist - Bass

Mikko Karvonen - Drums
Info from Janne Starks Encyclopedia
The letters, of course, stand for Do It Yourself. The band recorded a full-length album that was never released. The singla was out in December 1988 and was badly promoted, which resulted in it selling only 79 copies. It however has nothing to do with the quality. Per later formed wacko hard rockers Bosse and played in even funnier IFK Doom, who did Black Sabbath songs in Swedish. He is now also in Eddy Malm Band.
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