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Daggmar Luring (Swe)

Daggmar Luring (Swe)
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Har Rock / Symphonic Rock
Sweden (


October 1972 - 1980, 2016 - present
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Mats "Arnold" Eriksson / Feretti - Vocals (Lynx, Pegasus)
Per "Fjuttis" Larsson - Guitar (Lynx, Pegasus, Gå å Bada, Slapstick, Kent Österskogs)
Jan "Janne" Elvi - Guitar (Pegasus, HaiFi, Bali Band, Cecilia And The Happy Happies, Elvis FC, Fifty Fifty?)
Claes Fall - Bass
Gunnar Fridh - Drums
Mats "Herman" Hermansson - Organ (Lynx, Pegasus)
Former / Past Members
Tomas Sunmo - Vocals, Keyboard (Hazard)
Sverker - Vocals
Lennart Siggeström - Guitar
Lasse Byström - Guitar
Gunnar Gräsberg - Bass
Göran Söderberg - Drums
Formed October 1972 by Lennart Siggeström, Gunnar Gräsberg, Lasse Byström and Göran Söderberg. Mats "Arnold" Eriksson and Mats "Herman" Hermansson joined the band March 19, 1978. At this point all original members had left the band and been replaced with Claes Fall, Jan Elvi, Gunnar "Gurkan" Fridh, Per "Fjuttis" Larsson and Tomas Sunmo (who later would produce the MERCY, MINDLESS SINNER, LYNX and TORCH albums). The band disbanded November 2, 1980. A reunion gig was held spring 1999.
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