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Dizziness (Swe)

Dizziness (Swe)
Band Info
Melodic / Heavy Metal
Sweden (


1975 - 1987?
Official Website
Jonas Blum - Vocals (Pole Position, Heartline, Rebels, Sleazy, Bhonus, Reptilian, Vagh, Majestic, Optimystical)
Lars Boquist - Guitar (Pole Position, Trigger, Heartline, Hetz, Reptilian, Neondaze, Fair of Freaks)
Lars Hultman - Bass (Pole Position, Trigger, Sleazy, Heartline, Grand Vision, Concrete Feat)
Daniel Gese - Drums (Pole Position, Trigger, Heartline, B.H.A.T.A., Grand Vision, Hetz, Stone Cold Crazy)
Former / Past Members
Tomas Näslund - Vocals (Trigger)
Stefan Wallman - Guitar, Vocals (Trigger, Hetz, Mike Divine Band)
DIZZINESS started as a school band in Norrköping where Lars Boquist and Daniel Gese were the core. Made their debut record appeareance on the 'Östgötarock (1982)' compilation with the song "Crusin'". Tomas joined the band in 1984 and they started the recording of their debut EP 'Take It Or Leave It'. It was released the following year on the Björnspår label. A full album was also recorded at BMB Studios entitled 'On the Rocks', it was ready to be released in spring 1986 but Björn (the label owner) wanted to see if any bigger company was interested to buy the product. One label wanted them to sing in Swedish so they renamed "Hard Luck Woman" to "Tankar I Natten", the result was terrible and laid on ice.

Shortly afterwards Criss Brown finds interestest in the band and want to take them to USA. DIZZINESS tries to leave Björnspår who now want to release the album as fast as possible. After some struggle with both Criss and the label DIZZINESS had enough and splits.

Lars B, Lars H and Daniel G starts over as HEARTLINE with the new vocalist Jonas Blum and Joachim Åberg on keyboards. A couple of demos are recorded before they become POLE POSITION. In later years guitarist Lars Boquist created REPTILIAN and are today active in FAIR OF FREAKS.

Official Bio (from:
The story of Dizziness begins in 1975 when Lars Boquist and Daniel Gese start playing together. After several member changes, minor gigs and a lot of demo cassettes a record deal is landed in 1984 with the Stockholm-based record company Björnspår. The band line up is now, except Daniel and Lars, Stefan Wallman, Lars Hultman and Tomas Naeslund. For starters, a contract for a single is signed. The songs Take it or leave it and Playing with Fire are recorded in late 1984 and released in summer of 1985. The company is so pleased with the result that a contract for an entire album is signed. Recording starts in autumn 1985 and the album is ready to be released in spring 1986.

Instead of releasing the album the record company trying to sell off the product to a major label. Unfortunately no success and time passes by. We reach 1987 and guitarist Lars Boquist has meanwhile sent a tape to U.S. guitar magazine Guitar Player and manage to get by. This could be used to promote the album. At this point the american manager Chris Brown which currently lives in Sweden gets to hear the album. He's overwhelmed by the songs and wants to become the manager of the band. His plan is to bring the band to Los Angeles and get signed by an American major label.

Chris wants the band to break with the record company. A new album is supposed to be recorded in the United States. Lawyers are engaged. The record company now wants to release the disc immediately but the band decides to stick to Chris's plan. The band starts rehearsal, photo sessions, styling etc. Flight is booked to the end of May 87 but before that Chris will raise the money for U.S. trip down at the music fair in Cannes.

The date the trip to United States is passed but Chris is not showing up. The guys get tired and start to realize that Chris was not who he claimed to be. At this time, one of the guitarists Stefan Wallmann leaves the band. Chris eventually returns about after two months absence, but at this time the band has already decided not to work with Chris anymore. And shortly after that vocalist Tomas Naeslund leaves the band. The rest of the band i.e Lars Boquist, Lars Hultman and Daniel Gese continue with what later will be Pole Position but that's another story....
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