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Detest (Swe) - Thundersteel

Through the valley chasing heathens
Seeking destiny out far
If we see them we will kill them
Destructive action close at hand

Blood and arms. Thundersteel!
ARmored warriors shall never yield

Torn out bowels, raging massacre
Storming rain across the field
The last heathens laying down their swords
Slaughtered by the christian hordes

Kill or be killed - the ancient savage law
Lost in crime, perspective and time

Music by: Därth/Svahn
Lyrics by:  Micke Därth/Tobias Widman
Micke Därth - Vocals, Guitar,
Janne Ström - Lead Guitar
Jörgen Svahn - Bass
Niclas Landin - Drums
Stefan Johansson - Keyboards
Notes by Micke Därth: Basically, I had this one riff that kicks the start of the track, and me and my friend Tobias Widman sat one afternoon and threw lines at eachother about the Christian hordes slaughtering in God's name, the Christian hordes being unaware of that their crime was bigger than the pile of dead heathens left behind. I got the ideas for the rest of the track while the lyrics came down on paper, sort of wrote itself, while Tobias went deep into a comic magazine.