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Detest (Swe) - Chains of Hell

My excorcism did not work
They couldn't drive my evil out
Holy crosses, sacred phrases
Christ and Jesus don't bite on me

I reveal my inner darkness
To my dear and loving friends
Strap them with my chains of hell
None of them will live to tell
Side by side with Satan
On the ride towards hell
Taking with us lost souls
Deadly screams as we enter his land

Mysic by: Strm/Drth
Lyrics by: Drth
Micke Drth - Vocals, Guitar,
Janne Strm - Lead / Acoustic Guitar
Jrgen Svahn - Bass
Niclas Landin - Drums
Stefan Johansson - Keyboards
Notes by Micke Drth: When Janne Strm joined the band (his family name being Johansson back then), we got new energy to the band. Alongside his sensitive solos, I so much enjoyed playing rhythms with him, steady as a rock, and when we meet up today he still says we're the tightes guitarists ever. Well, maybe we were not, but humility have never been the rockstar's hallmark. He produced some very good riffs to the band however, and the main verse riffs of "Chains of Hell" is Strm power, the rest we worked out together. (Strm means power in Swedish, by the way. I can see why he changed his name).