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Detest (Swe) - Cold Steel Tears Your Flesh

Can you feel the blade of my knife
Slicing your skin so nice
I venture to say that
I'm a magician with this tool
You're so dreary insane
I'm sticking my knife through your brain
If I don't waste you now
They will take me for a fool

Oh, fluids are fallig like rain to the floor
Your life and soul slowly vanishing out the door
Oh, you sure had a lot of blood
But mixed with my livingroom carpet it looks more like mud

I gotta clean up this mess
Before someone trips on a kidney
I don't want no broken bones
Because of my little feast
Easier than I thought killing off some jerk
And now just after the even, I feel like the beast

Cold steel tears your flesh
Cold steel tears your flesh

Music by: Strm/Drth
Lyrics by: Drth
Micke Drth - Vocals, Guitar
Janne Strm - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Jrgen Svahn - Bass, Backing Vocals
Niclas Landin - Drums, Backing Vocals
Notes by Micke Drth: Another dark joke from the evil one lurking in my body. This is pure fucking-pubertal-idiotic-stupid-lyrics, and I even got the guys to do a football-choir at the end. I enjoy Jannes main-and chorus-riff a lot though. Sadly I didn't write a better melody - and lyrics - to it. "I gotta clean up this mess before someone trips on a kidney". How likely is that to happen?!