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Detest (Swe) - Armageddon

When Satan move in
Everybody runs away
His troops of evil
On the shores of Styx
The sorcerer was made to say:

"All evil is breaking loose
Come to us, your master
Choose your side on the spot
Or else your body will burn faster"

The people cried in pain
But they all cried in vain
They had to make inclination
For the master of hell and his will

The adherents with torches
Was ready to alight
Those who didn't choose his side
Was to die in the night
Now it's called armageddon
But noone really knows for sure
Some are evil, and some are good
This earth can never be pure

Wise men tell us
To beware for Satan's descendants
They are still around
It's a curse, never ending race
The good against evil
It will never change

Music by: Drth/Mujnovic
Lyrics by: Drth
Micke Drth - Vocals, Guitar
Ermin Mujnovic - Guitar
Jrgen Svahn - Bass
Niclas Landin - Drums
Notes by Micke Drth: This one is from our first demo. We were in all seriousness not prepared enough to enter the studio this time, we hadn't really rehearsed the tracks so much, but this one stands the tests of times. Not least because of Ermin's riff that kicks off the track.