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Detest (Swe) - The Avenger

The time has come, it has arrived
For you and me, the wicked flee
All at once, a loud announce
You and I, the children cry
Petrified with fear, he is near, so sincere
Watch your back, dagger attack
Make your move, what's to prove

We're all just a pawn in this game
I'm scared for what was and what we became
Seldom seen anger working up a sweat
I am the avenger and will never forgive or forget
Lost my lust to live, I'm paralyzed
I'm obsessed by the idea of avenge

Crack of thunder breaking through
I'm reaching out my hand for you
Go away to somewhere safe
I'll walk through grass and burn his ass
This terror must cease to be
One for you and one for me
One for all, seek my call
'Cause when I call, I've killed them all

Music & Lyrics by Drth
Micke Drth - Vocals, Guitar
Janne Strm - Lead / Acoustic Guitar
Jrgen Svahn - Bass
Niclas Landin - Drums
Stefan Johansson - Keyboards
Notes by Micke Drth: Since we first recorded the track on the first demo 'Masterpiece', I worked a little bit on it every now and then and as we went into the studio for 'Thundersteel' I had a third version finished. The original title being "The Masterpiece Part II: The Avenger". So we recorded it for a shot at a place on the EP. Recorded for the third time since it also appeared on the demo 'Death Dance'.