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Detest (Swe) - Bedlam

You're runnin' around in the corridors of madness
You're covering your ears, your sanity disappears
They tie you to your bed when you go to sleep
You cannot escape, you're in far too deep

Bedlam, Bedlam
They're pushing your brain to the edge. Bedlam!
You're screaming aloud, you wanna get out of this place
You wanna feel the winds of freedom touch your face

Wasted cells inside an intoxicated brain
Trying to perform something useful
But after such long time with havy medication
Your brain just says "out"

Music & Lyrics by: Drth
Micke Drth - Vocals, Guitar
Janne Strm - Lead / Acoustic Guitar, Backing Vocals
Jrgen Svahn - Bass, Backing Vocals
Niclas Landin - Drums, Backing Vocals
Stefan Johansson - Keyboard, Backing Vocals
Notes by Micke Drth: "Bedlam" was written as me and Jrgen was looking for new bandmembers. For a while during 1989 we practiced with drummer Fredrik Skld, and I tossed this riff at him to play to when we were checking eachother out, and this track came out of that riff. Much of what Fredrik put to the track drumwise was picked up by Niclas for the final version even though Fredrik never actually joined DETEST.