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DŽAccord (Swe)

DŽAccord (Swe)
Band Info
Melodic / Rock / Pop
Sweden (


1980 - 1982
Kjell "Kee Marcello" Lövbom - Guitar, Vocals, Keyboard (Stetson Cody Group, Europe, Easy Action, Svullo, Pär Edwardson, Noice, Style, Mikael Rickfors, Edin-Ådahl, Silver, The Bubbles, Tara, Shanghai, Neon Leon and the Bondage Babies, Niclas Wahlgren, The Arabian Slickers, Kee & The Kick, Kee Marcello, The Glitter Twins, Red Fun, Pavic, Los Dragons, K2)

Sven Lövbom - Guitar, Vocals (Stetson Cody Group)

Ola Johansson - Bass

Alf "Affe" Byberg - Drums (Ola Magnell, Folk & Rackare, Marie Bergman & Magic Body Band, Kee & The Kick, Kaargo, Johan Wahlström)

Olle Westbergh - Keyboards (Ola Magnell, Folk & Rackare, Marie Bergman & Magic Body Band, Jan Hammarlund)
Former / Past Members
Lars "Lasse / Dilldoo" Hajagos - Drums (Bedlam & Dilldoo, Blomman (guest))
Biography (from Kee Marello FB)
In 1979 Kee and Sven moved to Stockholm, the capitol of Sweden. (Johan Norberg moved there –78) Having realized that it was impossible to become a rock star in Umeå, the cousins felt the urge to broaden their views. After teaming up with bass player Ola Johansson and drummer Lasse Hajagos, (later replaced by Affe Byberg), and finally Olle Westberg on Keyboards, they formed D’ACCORD. They recorded 2 singles and later split up.
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