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Daydream (Swe)

Daydream (Swe)
Band Info
Hard Rock
Sweden (

Klippan, Ängelholm

1981 - ca 1986
Olle Carlsson - Vocals, Guitar
Niklas Ekelund - Guitar
Jörgen Hallberg - Bass (Blacksmith Legacy)
Torgil Sturesson - Drums (Blacksmith Legacy)
Hard Rock act formed 1981 by members from Klippan/Ängelholm. In december 1982 the band headed into the Bombadill Studio to cut the 4tr 7" EP 'I Don't Wanna Be There'. The EP was completed in early 1983 and later released on the private label Höns Bondens Röst limited to 300 copies. Shortly after the release Niklas Ekelund joined as second guitarist. DAYDREAM played together for a couple of more years before disbanding ca 1986.
In 2009 Torgil and his son formed the hard rock/heavy metal band BLACKSMITH LEGACY who currently are active with the debut album 'Let The Game Begin'.
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