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Double Deuce (Swe)

Double Deuce (Swe)
Band Info
Heavy Metal
Sweden (


1991 - 19XX
Tony Lundell - Vocals
Mathias Samuelsson - Guitar (X-Reagan, Doughnut Overcook, Whispering Forest, Codex XIII, Smack)
Hans Forsman - Guitar (Paranoia, Silence, Electric Brazan Band, Happy Train)
Mikael Ericsson - Bass (X-Reagan)
Rickard Amrén - Drums (Explosive Band, Lebemäns)
Former / Past Members
Andreas Hammarström - Vocals
Double Deuce was a heavy metal band from Eksjö influenced by Kiss, Motörhead, Black Sabbath and Sepultura. They were formed in 1991 by Andreas Hammarström, Mathias Samuelsson, Hans Forsman, Mikael Ericsson and Richard Amrén. This line-up did some live gigs (at Café Snäckan, Eksjö etc) and recorded a private MLP issued in 500 copies. About 300 copies  was sent out to record shops around the Gothenburg area and the remaining sold by the band themselves in their hometown. 10 copies was also exported overseas (USA, Germany & UK). Some sleeves was however misprinted so Mathias had to cut and print the covers himself. Andreas was replaced by Tony Lundell after the release.

Mathias writes:
Oh yes all 500 were printed and sold, there was even a few items in the Gothenburg recordstore Dolores. But it is true that the covers were misprinted. I had to cut and paste the sleeves myself. I printed them on a copy machine at Eksjö Municipality printworks. I think we put out about 300 copies in the shop and rest was split up between the members and sold privately.
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