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- The Sad Fate, Demo 1992
- The, Demo 1993      
- Demo, 1994 
- Promo Rehearsal, 1995

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Entity (Swe)

Entity (Swe)
Band Info
Atmospheric / Symphonic / Dark / Doom Metal
Sweden (


1991 - XXXX
Dan-Ola "Danne" Persson - Vocals (Fall from Grace, The Ancient's Rebirth, Pagan Rites, Cardinal Sin, Enthral)
Jimmy Svensson -  Guitars
Tomas "Tompa" Gustavsson - Bass, Keyboards (Seraph Profane)
Thomas Hedlund - Drums (Fall from Grace, The Ancient's Rebirth, Pagan Rites, Cross Bow, X-Bow, Trap, Autopsy Torment, Cult of the Fox, Devil Lee Rot, Void Moon, Tristitia, Karnarium)
Former / Past Members
Chris - Vocals (Seraph Profane)
Jesper Larsson - Drums
Ola Hugosson - Keyboards
Tobbe  -   Unknown
Hans-Erik  -  Unknown
Thomas Hedlund is not the same guy who played in Cult of Luna, Khoma etc.
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