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E.F. Band (Swe / UK)

E.F. Band (Swe / UK)
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Hard Rock / Heavy Metal / NWOBHM
Sweden (

Gothenburg, London

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Roger Marsden - Vocals (Angel Witch, Deep Machine, Nevadda Foxx)

Bengt Fischer - Guitars, Vocals (Epizootic) R.I.P. 2001

Pär Ericsson - Bass, Vocals (Epizootic)

Dag Eliasson - Drums
Former / Past Members
John "Boutkam" Ridge - Vocals (Picture, Hot Property) R.I.P. 2003

Peter "Pete Blakk" Jacobsson - Guitars (Trazer, Crystal Thanatus, Disaster Peace, Blakk Totem, Geisha, King Diamond, Maryann Cotton (Dnk))

Anders "Andy LaRocque" Allhage - Guitars (King Diamond, IllWill, X-World/5, Death, Gutrix, Swedish Beauty, Swedish Erotica, At The Gates (guest), Falconer (guest), Roadrunner United (guest), Evergrey (guest), Einherjer (guest), Yrkoon (guest), Melechesh (guest), Witchery (guest), Darzamat (guest), Critical Solution (guest), Sorrowseed (guest), Snowy Shaw (guest), Sylencer (guest), Shining (guest), Sandalinas (guest), Hell:on (guest))

Tony Borg - Guitars (Live) (Wasa Express, Karl Brun, Aura, Vikivaki, Thomas och Lasse BG Band, Alien, Dolce Vita)

Tommy Lager - Drums

Johnsson - Drums

Dave "Hermien Jerian-du'Fort/Herman Germaine/Richie D'For" Dufort - Drums (Angel Witch, Deep Machine, Tytan, Kevin Ayers, Lionheart, Mike Oldfield, Paper Blitz Issue, Phantasm, Screaming Lord Sutch, The Scenery, The Voice, Troy, Steve Gibbons Band, East of Eden)
Info from Janne Stark's Encyclopedia
In 1976 Pär Ericsson and Bengt recorded the album 'Daybreak' with heavy fusion-unit Epizootic, an expensive item today. EF Band were formed in 1978. The line-up on the first two singles featured guitarist Bengt Fisher, bassist/singer Pär Ericsson and drummer Christer Jönsson. After an ad in Melody Maker, Scotsman Andy Goodwyn became the band's manager. EF Band was the only Swedish band to appear on the first 'Metal For Muthas' compilation album, probably because they were more well-known in the UK than in Sweden and because the band's drummer at the time was Dave Dufort (Steve Gibbons Band, Mike Oldfield, Angel Witch). In time for the debut-album young skinsman Dag Eliasson took over after Dufort. 'Last Laugh Is On You' was produced by Derek Lawrence (Deep Purple, Wishbone Ash, Legs Diamond), but due to an untrimmed studio, the album didn't come out sounding too well. Alien guitarist Tony Borg appeared witht the band on a TV-show but he was never a member of the band. On 'Deep Cut' the band was completed with former Picture singer John Ridge (aka John Boutkam), but he left just after it's release. New singer was Roger Marsden (Angel Witch, Deep Machine) and another guitarist was added to the band, Anders Allhage aka Andy LaRocque. The band's last album was no big hit and they disbanded in 1987. Anders has later been found in King Diamond Band, Illwill and is now a well-reputed producer with his own studio Los Angered, later renamed Sonic Train Studios. Dag moved to Los Angeles where he sold used cars, Per quit music and Bengt had his own studio and was active as a musician working with childrens music. Bengt Fisher sadly passed away from lung cancer in April 2001. EF Band played high-quality powerful hard rock with a touch of the 70's, as well as the traditional 80's metal sound. The vocals on the early recordings were quite "Swedish", but still good. Dave Dufort have now changed name to Gerian Germaine Dufort. The songs "Another Day Gone" and "Night Angel" can be found on the compilation 'British Steel Vol. 2 (Metal Rarities)'. "Their Finest Hour" is a tribute in the memory of Bengt, containing all the band''s material plus bonus-tracks. Long-time friend and manager Andy Goodwyn pulled the strings on this one. In 2003, also Ridge passed away from brain cancer. The 2005 live album, is also a posthumours release, originally recorded in 1983.

Biography (Musicmight)
A band somewhat strangely caught in the NWoBHM hysteria of the early 1980s due to their concentration of live work in Britain. Bassist Pär Ericsson and guitarist Bengt Fischer were previously in EPIZOOTIC recording the 1975 album 'Daybreak' and started the E.F. BAND (ERICSSON FISCHER BAND) in 1978 with original drummer Tommy Lager, debuting with a split 7" single on Rok Records in 1979, contributing the track 'Another Day Gone'. Following a British tour drummer Dave Dufort was recruited and the band promptly contributed the track 'Fighting For Rock n' Roll' to the EMI Records NWoBHM 'Metal For Muthas' compilation album released in February 1980.

Dufort actually has a lengthy history in rock n' roll being an ex-member of 1965's THE VOICE, THE SCENERY and PAPER BLITZ ISSUE. All of these mid 60's acts featured latter day SAVOY BROWN, DOG SOLDIER and CHICKENSHACK guitarist MILLER ANDERSON. Dufort then moved on to EAST OF EDEN in the late 60's (he appears on the 1969 album 'Mercator Projected'), as well as being a member of KEVIN AYERS band. The group gained from the album succeeded in gaining the E.F. BAND a deal with Redball Records and this was soon followed by the single 'Self Made Suicide'. The single sold well, prompting a second effort 'Devil's Eye', which received advance orders of over 6000 copies and persuaded major label Mercury to sign the band. Prior to recording the debut album Dufort left to join ANGEL WITCH and was replaced by young Swede Dag Ellason, this new trio being placed in the studio with Derek Lawrence.

A second album would not emerge until 1983, by which time the group and Mercury Records had parted company. 'Deep Cut', released through Bullet, found the E.F. BAND a quartet, having added vocalist John 'Rich' Ridge, but he left almost immediately after the release of the album. In 1984 ex-DEEP MACHINE, ANGEL WITCH and NEVADDA FOXX vocalist Roger Marsden replaced Rich. Ironically NEVADDA FOXX was the act formed by erstwhile E.F. BAND member Dave Dufort (although under a pseudonym of Richie D'For) following his split with ANGEL WITCH and then TYTAN.

For the band's third album (1985's 'One Night Stand' on Mausoleum) they added second guitarist Anders Allhage (more commonly known as Andy La Roche) and continued until 1987 when the group split and La Roche, as 'LaRocque', joined KING DIAMOND. The guitarist would subsequently go on to become a much in demand Metal producer. Sadly in later years both Bengt Fischer and Vocalist John Ridge both succumbed to brain cancer, Ridge passing away on 4th March 2003.

Official biography written by the band's manager Andrew "Andy" Goodwin:
What can one say about one of the most successful underrated bands from the days of the NEW WAVE OF BRITISH HEAVY METAL.Well it is not easy, I can say.Let’s start from day one. The E.F.Band arised out of the ashes of a Swedish progressive rock band called EPIZOOTIC who started in 1978. They made one self-titled record on there own label that sold about 1000 ex. It is now a collector’s item. Two of the bands members Pär Ericsson and Bengt Fischer (EF) then went on to form the E.F.Band. Even before the band came to the UK, in 1979, they had a single in the bag. It was released on ROK Records who wanted to help new bands and it featured another band on the flip side. The single was called Another day Gone and only 1000ex. were pressed. They started out as a 3 piece, all Swedish line-up, and just before there very first English dates the drummer left and a replacement was found just a couple of days before the bands first concert. He did his job as best he could but was not the right man for the job so after some Swedish shows, it was back to England for some more concerts with out a drummer…again. After searching the adverts in the music papers the band found Dave Dufort, a drummer who had played with the likes of Mike Oldfield, Screaming Lord Sutch and other named artists. This time it said CLICK…and so the E.F.BAND was created. The band worked very hard making a name for themselves playing the around the UK rock clubs and in 1979 they recorded there first single “Self made Suicide” which was released on the independent label Redball Records. This was the bands breakthrough in the New Wave of British Heavy Metal scene and put them in the same league as Iron Maiden, Saxon and Angelwitch. In 1980 EMI records in London were to release a compilation record featuring the best of the NWOBHM and invited the E.F.Band to appear on the record, the only European group to do so. The record was called “Metal for Muthas” and the song was called Fighting for Rock &Roll. This LP was a big seller in England and went to number 12 in the British LP charts. Also at that time the E.F.Band went into the Redball studios again and recorded their second single “Devils Eye”. This single went to NR. 1 in the Heavy Metal single charts and also high up in the British independent charts.

At the same time another company re-released the Rok single but this time with both recorded songs, but this time Night Angel as the A-side. The company also changed the arrangement. This upset the band and as a result they managed to stop the sales. Although the band were very popular the elusive major record contract never appeared and this upset the band members especially Dave who decided to leave the band and work on a solo project. His departure took the band by surprise, as his tribute to their music was very important. A new drummer this time Swedish was recruited into the band. His Name was Dag Eliason and he joined to band in 1981and was to stay in the band until the end. Dag came into the band just as they were able to negotiate their first major recording deal with Polygram records in Sweden. The band brought in Derek Lawrence as producer; he had worked with Deep Purple and Angel amongst others. The bands first LP was recorded and was called “The Last Laugh is on you” With this record the band went out on tour and supported Ritchie Blackmore´s Rainbow on there European tour. At that time the band was thinking of expanding to a 4 piece and with the help of the German branch of the record company John Ridge was brought in as lead singer. With a new member in the band they were now able to create a more exciting sound. In 1983 the band started writing material for their 2nd LP this time on the Gothenburg label Ewita Records. The record was called “Deep Cut” and as usual tours were set up to promote the album. Apart from there own headline tours, the band played support to Saxon in their European tour. Just when things were going so well, John announced that he was leaving the band. Yet again another change in the line-up. This time the band not only acquired a new singer, Roger Marsden from London but also after many auditions added a 2nd guitarist, Anders Alhage to strengthen the bands sound. The band was much harder in their musical approach and with a new record contract with Mausoleum records from Belgium they went into the studios to record their 3rd LP called “One Night Stand”. And it was released in 1985.

Although the band did a few concerts in Europe this was the last official record the band ever released. A year after the release of “One Night Stand” the band finally broke up.There has been numerous records released featuring the bands material but until now there has never been an official compilation record. I hope that sometime in the autumn of 2003 the complete works from the band will be available. A record company in Sweden called Sweden Rock Records are to release a double CD with all the bands material that was recorded. The record is called `THEIR FINEST HOURS` and has the catalogue number of SRR 011. There will also be some extra tracks in the way of unreleased songs plus a live recording of the famous `Fighting for Rock & Roll` that was featured on the Metal for Muthas record. As a bonus, John Ridge, the singer on the `Deep Cut` record recorded as special tribute song to Bengt Fischer who passed away in 2001 due to cancer. Unfortunately John will never hear the finished product as he also was taken from us this year due to that killer illness, cancer. This record will be pressed in 1500 copies. This record is a tribute to Bengt and John whose are sadly missed by all but whose memory will live on through their music, forever.
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