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Earthwing (Swe)

Band Info
Hard Rock
Sweden (


1984 - 1988, 2010
Per Trossmark - Vocals

Magnus "Maxe" Axelsson - Guitar (Jaguar, Episode, Mackt?, Näsblod?, Njurmännen?, Brackmanglarna?, Pitchcan?, Fredrik Johansson och Hundarna?, Flare of the Sun?)

Ola Persson - Bass

Lukas Torstensson - Drums (Hardon, Granite, Beards'n'Hats)
Former / Past Members
Hans Wernered - Drums
Earthwing was a hard rock band formed in 1984. The band rehearsed in a cabin outside Kristianopel and did very few live gigs. In 1986 Lukas Torstensson left the band and was replaced with Hans Wernered. Earthwing recorded some material at the Voice studio in Karlskrona around 1986-1987 but split up shortly after. The original members reformed for a weekend in 2010 to record the 1985 song "Warlords Tale" at Pama Studio 3.
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