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Epic Irae (Swe)

Epic Irae (Swe)
Band Info
Epic / Doom / Thrash / Heavy Metal
Sweden (

Sörberge, Timrå

1988 - 1993 (changed name)
Official Website
Göran Jacobson - Vocals (1988-1993) (Quicksand Dream)
Thomas Svedlund - Guitars (1988-1993) (Quicksand Dream)
Patrick Backlund - Bass, Guitar (1988-1993) (Quicksand Dream, Mortalicum)
Mikael Svedlund - Drums, Guitar (1988-1993) (Quicksand Dream)

Former / Past Members:
Christer Nilsson - Guitar (1989)
Peter Selin - Guitar (1989) (The Kristet Utseende, Left Hand Solution, Gloom, Division Hate)
Stefan Åberg - Guitar (1988)
Henrik Flyman - Guest Guitars (1991-1993) (Quicksand Dream, Moahni Moahna, Evil Masquerade, Zool, Wuthering Heights, Lacrimosa)
Heavy Metal band mixing doom and thrash elements formed 1988 in Sörberge, Timrå, Sweden. The photo shows an early (nameless) incarnation of the band - it was taken in early 1989 some months before the name EPIC IRAE was chosen. The guitarist with the black shirt is Peter Selin - who later showed up as the bass player in LEFT HAND SOLUTION. EPIC IRAE released their demo tapes in very limited editions, only about 30 copies was made.

The band changed their name to QUICKSAND DREAM in 1993, seeing contribution on the 1993 split album 'Metal North' and the recording of a CD-R album 'Aelin - A Story About Destiny (2000)' limited to 30 copies. It was later reissued by Planet Records on CD and High Roller Records on LP.
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