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Eternity (Fin)

Eternity (Fin)
Band Info
Melodic / Heavy Metal
Finland (

Åland, Finland

1986 - ?
Örjan Sjöström - Vocals, Keyboards (Vision (Fin), Barka Vall, Contamination of Expressions, Condition Red)

Lars Erik Mattsson - Guitar, Bass (Vision (Fin), Book of Reflections, Zero The Hero, Astral Groove, Contamination of Expressions, Condition Red, Mattsson, Lars Eric Mattsson)

Tony Mattsson - Drums (Vision (Fin))
Former / Past Members
Thor Hammer - Vocals, Keyboard
ETERNITY, hailing from the Åland Islands, featured a young LARS ERIC MATTSON on guitar. Founded in 1986 the band quickly issued a six-track demo. 1987 proved to be a busy year for the band with three pieces of music being released. They quickly issued another 4 song demo and followed it up with a two song single on their own Eternity label. Shortly after, this vocalist Thor Hammer had left and the vocals were being handled by Örjan Sjöström. The band then contributed a song called 'Children Of The Sun' to the Ebony Records various artist compilation entitled, 'Rock Meets Metal Volume 2 (1987) #EBON 105'.

At this point, Mattsson opted to begin a long and lucrative career as a solo artist and appeared over the years as a guest or member of a number of bands including VISION, CONDITION RED and MATTSSON. Mattsson later founded his own record label Lion Music, a specialty hard rock and heavy metal label, home to many guitar virtuoso's. In early 2007 the guitarist provided guest playing on Chicago based British guitarist ANDREW BORDONI's solo album entitled 'Andrew Bordoni & Friends'.

Mattsson have released a couple of solo albums with Swedish vocalist Björn Lodin (BALTIMOORE, SIX FEET UNDER, BEDLAM etc).
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