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Exist (Swe)

Exist (Swe)
Band Info
Heavy Metal


1982 - late 80's
Sven "Mikke Man" Johansson - Vocals, Guitar (King Coole)
Ulf Karlsson - Bass (Shut Up)
Torbjörn von Braun - Drums (Shut Up)
Peder Rudenvall - Drums
Bio (from Metal Knights The Resurgence Of Swedish Steel 1983-85)
Exist was started in 1982 when Ulf Karlsson (bass) and Torbjörn von Braun (drums) started in the same class at school After trying out a few pople who didn't work out for a possible band they found Sven "Mikke Man" Johansson (guitar & vocals) who was in a parallel class at the same school. Sven already knew Peder Rudenvall (drums) as they played together in the same football team. Even though Exist were together for several years they only managed to do one studio recording. A three-song demo was recorded in 1984. Unfortunately all other songs the band was working on through the years they never got to record. The members of Exist eventually went their separate ways in the late 1980's.

Ulf and Torbjörn started a cover band named Shut Up that existed and did plenty of gigs in the early 1990's before the split as well. None of them are active musicians at the moment but Torbjörn is interested involved in another band if time would permit. Peder didn't play in any band for several years after Exist split up but then played in a pop & rock band together with his father and sister. This band doesn't exist any longer though. Sven later moved down to the south of Sweden and has been playing in the cover band King Coole. He's the only one of the Exist members that's still active as a musicians today.
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