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Frozen Eyes (Swe)

Frozen Eyes (Swe)
Band Info
Heavy / Speed / Thrash Metal
Sweden (


1985 - 1989

Aulis Hultin - Vocals (ex-Bass) (1985-1989)
Mattias "IA" Eklundh - Guitar (ex-Drums) (1985-1989) (Pagan, Art Metal, Freak Kitchen, Planet Alliance, Freak Guitar, Fate (Dnk), Audiovision (Guest))
Leif Larsson - Bass (1985, 1986-1989) (RAM, NME Within, Black Ingvars)
Joakim Sjöberg - Drums (1986-1989) (Freak Kitchen)

Former / Past Members:
Magnus Johansson - Guitar (1985) (Pain of Salvation, The Project Hate)
Mika Ilo - Drums (1985)

The story of FROZEN EYES goes way back to the early eighties. 1985 - 1989. Mattias Eklundh, more known as IA Eklundh (later FREAK KITCHEN) started out as a drummer and hooked up with the guitar player Magnus Johansson and the band BLAZE was formed. They went through different band names like; STALLION, AVENGER, LIZZARD, but later decided to call the band FROZEN EYES. By this time IA was still the drummer of the band and on vocals was Aulis Hultin and on the bass Leif Larssson. As time went by IA got boored with school and dropped out. He got more serious intersted of the guitar and started to practice 10 hour a day. A good move by the 16 year old rocker. IA was the big brain behind the band and wrote all songs by himself.

The 1st Demo
In august 1985 FROZEN EYES recorded a three track demo titled; 'Have Some Breakfast'. Since IA now wasn't the drummer they had a guy called Mika Ilo. Leif Larsson was no longer in the band so Aulis handeld the bass live. In the studio I believe IA played.

The 2nd Demo
For the second demo guitar player Magnus and drummer Mika was out of the band. Joakim Sjöberg was the new kid on the block. He delivered a more technic hard hitting drumming. IA did all guitars himself and had already started to develop his own enique sound. (ten years later result in a own guitar model, among other things) This demo was titled; 'Eyes Cream' released in March 1986.

The 3rd Demo
The third demo FROZEN EYES recorded was never released. Due the bad sound quality and lack of really good material the band wasn't satisfied with the demo at all. For this demo old time friend Leif Larsson was back in the band. Leif who was fired back in the STALLION's time. The songs got a new depth by Leif bassplay and it was not that plain and simple as before.

The 4th Demo
The forth demo, titled 'The Winter's Gate', was recorded in December 1986 and contained 3 songs. The line-up was the same as on the third.

The 5th (and last) Demo
The last demo FROZEN EYES recorded was released in December 1987. The band had left the thrash-metal sound a little bit. The songs was more down-tempo then earlier. Same line-up as on the 3rd/4th demo. The title of the demo was 'The Dolls of Success' and was released with two different covers.

The Metal Collection III
In 1987 FROZEN EYES recorded the song "Intruder (World of Madness)" for the english label Ebony Music and the compilation LP "The Metal Collection Volume III". A bunch of English garage rockers did their best to show what they had and I belive FROZEN EYES was the only non-english band featured. The LP was ment to result in a record contract but it all ran out in the sand.

The Frozen Eyes LP - 1988
Finally FROZEN EYES had got some kind of reaction from a record company. It was Büms Records in Denmark, who wanted them to record an album. Little did the band know what Büms Records were to fuck them over!. With no back up from the record company and even had to pay the fees them selves the band could have a better first record-company-frontier.

The album was later, in 1996, re-issued by Büms Records on CD.
In late 1998 Winters Gate productions released a two CD set with all the 5 demos. Limited in 10 copies worldwide. These two CD package soon became a rare collectors item.

The Story Ends...
After the recording of the LP the band was in chaos. Aulis wasn't interested of being in the band anymore. So they went separate ways. FROZEN EYES tried to find a replacement. But it didn't work. In the meantime Mattias got in contact with the danish glam-metal band FATE who needed a new guitarist. Mattias went on audition and the danish glam-boys were pleased with Mattias talent.

After FROZEN EYES broke up Joakim later went to USA, to study the drums at MI in Los Angeles with his idol and later friend Mark Craney (JETHRO TULL etc).

Mattias only stayed in FATE until 1992, when he decided to form his own band, where he also would handle the singing. Mattias called up old FROZEN EYES drummer Joakim Sjöberg who went home from LA. Bass player Christian Grönlund was found a a club in Gothenburg. FREAK KITCHEN was born in 1992. In 2000 Joakim and Christain left FREAK KITCHEN. Joakim changed his name and are now days known as Envind Redin. He don't play the drums anymore. Bass player Leif Larsson is still in the mucis biz. For some years he played in NME WITHIN and later in BLACK INGVARS, playing covers at pubs & bars. In 1999 Leif joined RAM. Ex-guitarist Magnus Johansson would consequently join PAIN OF SALVATION and THE PROJECT HATE. Aulis has retired from the music scene.  -Written by Patrik Ek (2004)
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