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Demo, 1990

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Fantasy (Swe)

Fantasy (Swe)
Band Info
AOR / Melodic Rock
Sweden (

Hällefors, Örebro

Autumn 1987 - Summer 1990
Official Website
Tomas Bergsten - Vocals, Guitar (Aristrokraterna, Tomas Bergsten's Fantasy)
Michael "Micke" Friman - Guitar (Tomas Bergsten's Fantasy, Kuntera)
Ekko Karttunen - Bass (Aristrokraterna)
Arto Karttunen - Drums (Wet Bandits, Payback)
Göran Greus - Keyboard
Tomas started his first band in 1983 (together with Göran Greus & Christer Gustafsson) and have since then been in many different groups. Much of the FANTASY material was written and played in these early constellations. Tomas Bergsten and Michael Friman are working on a new CD which will include re-recorded material written between 1983 - 1990 + some new songs. It will be released Spring 2013 and also be available on Spotify.

Info (from Janne Stark's Encyclopedia)
The band was formed 1987 and the members had earlier played in local bands like MIZTREZZ, WORSHIP, and UNICORN. In 1989 they participated in the Talang 1989 bandstand in Örebro. Ekko and Tomas later played in ARISTOKRATERNA, Friman in folk band KUNTERA, Arto in WET BANDITS and PAYBACK. In 2013 Thomas released the album 'Caught In The Dark' under the THOMAS BERGSTREN'S FANTASY moniker, also featuring guest appearance from Friman.
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# Emil 2012-11-07 14:07
Many thanks to Tomas Bergsten for info!
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