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Missing in Discography
- The Nuts / Fgel Bl - Det Stora Schakpartiet, Split 1990
- Music For Men, MLP 1991
- The Nuts / Fgel Bl - Mellan Liv och Dd, Split 1991
- Varfr Ska Alla Vara S Djvla Speciella?, MCD 1993

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Fgel Bl (Swe / GBG)

Fgel Bl (Swe / GBG)
Band Info
Punk / Rock

Kortedala, Gothenburg

1987 - 1994, 2008 - present
Official Website
Gsta "Gzta" Huldn - Vocals, Guitar, Piano
Frans "Bazze" Sislak - Guitar (The Nightshift)
Thomas Lundstrm - Guitar (Hipshakers, Tre Ess)
Fredrik "Krnne" Kongstein - Bass (The Christer Petterssons, Bad Fun, Kosmo & His 2000 Shoes)
Mattias Pettersson - Drums (The Nightshift)
Former / Past Members
Putte Gabrielsson (1987 - 1988) - Guitar, Vocals R.I.P.
Njjiz (1991 - 1992) - Bass, Vocals
Pasi "Zapi" Tikka (1987 - 1993) - Drums
Started in 1987 as a threepiece (Bazze, Krnne, Zapi). Krnne found Gzta and introduced him to the band. A few months later guitarist Putte Gabrielsson joined and we had our first gigs with mostly punk-covers and a few own songs. We had such fun together but suddenly everything changed.. Putte tragically died at the age of 19 and the band was close to split up. After a while we started recording our first demo "Hemma Hos Bohman" and during the sessions we talked and remembered PUTTE, our dear friend! Puttes best friend Tomas Lundstrm picked up the guitar and he played on our second demo which was produced by his brother Roine Lundstrm. This demo lead to a record deal with ARDA Records but unfortunately Tomas decided to leave the band. Our first single "Hundra Hstar" was released in 1990. It was a success and hit number 9 at Swedish Indiecharts that year.

Single "Monopol" was released in 1991 and later split-LP "Mellan Liv Och Dd" (Fgel Bl/The Nuts). After several tours Krnne decided to leave the band for his new projects THE CHRISTER PETTERSSONS, BAD FUN and KOSMO & HIS 2000 SHOES. New bassplayer Njjis took his place when the band recorded the first (and only) english LP entitled "Music For Men". The new line-up did a tour but after a few months Fgel Bl was no more. BUT... in 1993 Krnne is back and the band record their first radiohit "Varfr Skall Alla Vara S Djvla Speciella". A big tour PUNKTGET (Punk train) followed together with MGEL, LOS BOHEMOS, SLUDGE NATION and BRDERNA BIRRO. In 1994 Zapi left the band and drummer Leif Ekring from swedish punkstars CHARTA 77 joined. The nameless band played a few gigs with new songs but the recordcompany ARDA Records had financial problems and couldnt afford further releases. In the end of 1994 Krnne left the band again- this time due to musical differencies.
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