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Frontiers (Swe)

Frontiers (Swe)
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AOR / Melodic Hard Rock
Sweden (


Tony Brorsson - Lead Vocals

Hans Asp - Guitars, Vocals

Peter Sörderström - Guitars, Piano, Vocals (Ignition, The Please, Bosse)

Patrik? Sörderström - Bass, Vocals (Ignition)

Johan "Koleberg" Kullberg - Drums (Lion's Share, Silent Knight, Ignition, Hammerfall, Talk Of The Town, Kyss, Zan Clan, AB/CD, Therion, Scudiero, Animal, Dark Illusion, Section A, Effect)

Peo Gaasvik - Keyboard, Vocals
Frontiers was a 6-piece band from Avesta, Sweden, founded by guitarist Peter Söderström and drummer Johan Kullberg halfway the '80s. As many of local bands at that time, their music is heavily influenced by american AOR acts, being in this case Journey (also noticeable by the group's name) but with the addition of the characteristic Scandi sound.

Their one and only album, the MLP "Front Page" is a very nice slice of melodic rock / AOR, sometimes naif and wimp, although precisely in that point resides their charm. "Time Will Tell" has a 'spacy' AOR style with ethereal keyboards, remiscent of primal Journey, with a vintage guitar sound. This is a real cool track with a pompous middle section.
On "Help Me Now" is where their indie origin is more evident, I really like the vocal arrangement on this one. This track has a New England vibe. The ballad "This Feeling" has that scandi stamp only possible to find in swedish bands and last track "Separate Worlds" takes its inspiration in Giuffria and again, Journey.

Some people argue this young band was unoriginal and generic, to me, this mini-album has some kind of fascination not always present into indie recordings. Years after, Kullberg went on to join Talk Of The Town and later Lion's Share, and together with Söderström formed in 2003 a new project called Ignition.
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