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Missing in Discography
- Demo, 1988 (w/Kent)
- Faith Falls, 1992

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Fallen Angel (Swe)

Fallen Angel (Swe)
Band Info
Thrash Metal
Sweden (


1984 - 1993
Johan "Johnny Blade" Bülow - Vocals, Guitar (Wolf, Chain of Hate, Altar, DreamGod)
Joacim "Jocke" Persson - Guitars (Under The Sun, Waving Corn, Tyburn, Soulquake System)
Mattias "Matte" Hedenborg - Bass (Under The Sun, Waving Corn, Soul Destroyer, Cripple)
Micke Swed - Drums (Under The Sun, Waving Corn, Morbid Fear, Authorize, Rosicrucian)
Former / Past Members
Kent Engberg/Engström - Guitar
Fredrik Hähnel - Guitar
Gustaf "Megavoice" Ljungström - Bass
Fredrik C. Lindén - Drums
Classic early Swedish thrash metal band started in Örebro in 1984, although they didn't use the name FALLEN ANGEL (then FALLEN ANGELS) until 1986. The band released two demos in the late 80s and played all over the town at the same time. Jörgen Sigfridsson loved this band and made sure he got the rights to use the track "Etanolic Intoxication" from the 'Hang Over' demo for a 4-track split vinyl single that he was going to release on his own Opinionate records. The single was released in 1990 and the same year the band went into the Eagle One studios to try out new material. Instead of putting out another demo the band decided to self finance a vinyl release. The end result is this self titled 7-track MLP (aka 'Trapped In Sibiria').

They opened up for CANDLEMASS at this time and it wouldn’t take long before labels were showing interest. The band finally signed to Massacre Records and released their first full length album 'Faith Falls in 1992. Sadly they were soon overshadowed by the death metal movement.. they continued for a while with Micke Swed on drums but folded in 1993. Some members went on and played as UNDER THE SUN who later became WAVING CORN. Vocalist Johan Bülow would later record with one of Örebros finest acts WOLF.
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