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Grand Slam (Swe / Varberg)

Grand Slam Varberg
Band Info
Hard Rock
Sweden (


Late 80's - Early 90's
Bo "Zinny J. Zan" Stagman - Vocals (Easy Action, Kingpin, Shotgun Messiah, Zan Clan, John Norum, Belsen Boys, Brilliant Boys, Alarm X, Trassel, Beauty Box, Bangshot, Zinny & Danny, City Boy Blues, Steve Lukather, Rikki Rockett, Little Steven, Mikkey Dee, Brian Robertson, Dream Police, Zinny J. Zan)

Martin Persson/Thomander - Guitar (White Line, Jaguar, Erika, Electric Boys)

Fredrik Persson/Thomander - Bass, Vocals, Keyboards (White Line, Erika, Treat, Vildsvin)

Jakob "Jake Samuel" Samuelsson - Drums, Vocals (Freddie Field, Cool For Cats (guest), Yale Bate, Talisman, The Poodles, Totem, Jekyll & Hyde, The Ring)
Former / Past Members
Anders Johansson - Drums (Silver Mountain, Hickory Heads, Mansson, Rockslide?, Yngwie J. Malmsteen, Hammerfall, Stratovarius, Keegan, Fullforce, Planet Alliance, Johansson, Jens Johansson, The Johansson Brothers, Tears of Anger, Slem, Station?)
Not to be confused with Grand Slam from Stockholm who recorded the Telephone 7".

Varberg's Grand Slam was a Hard Rock act forged in the late 80's by ex-Easy Action, Dream Police, Shotgun Messiah and Kingpin vocalist Bo "Zinny J. Zan" Stagman. Upon departing from Shotgun Messiah in 1989 Zan formed Grand Slam together with ex-Electric Boys guitarist Martin Thomander, bassist Fredrik Thomander and drummer Anders Johansson (ex-Yngwie Malmstee, Silver Mountain, Hammerfall etc). Anders was later replaced by former Talisman and Yale Bate drummer Jakob "Jake Samuel" Samuelsson. The band was signed by Warner and started to work on an album but only 3-4 tracks was recorded before they were dropped. The band continued to play for a while into the early 90's. The band wrote and performed songs such as "Private Hell", "Young Blood", "Never Too Late", "Drop In The Bucket", "Emelie", "Sign Of My Time", "Noontime Rock", "What U Give" and "Moonshine". Some of these songs would later end up on the Zan Clan album 'Citizen of Wasteland (1994)'.

GRAND SLAM bassist Fredrik "Vildsvin" Thomander later forged eccentric Hard Rockers Vildsvin (Wild Boar). He since scored international success in later years as a hit songwriter for numerous Pop artists such as N'Sync and Backstreet Boys. On the Hard Rock front he gained production credits with Backyard Babies and on Gotthard's Swiss number 1 album 'Lip Service'.
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