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- Twelve On A Ten Scale, 6tr Demo 1989 ("Twelve On A Ten Scale", "Body Heat" etc)

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Glam Slam (Swe)

Glam Slam (Swe)
Band Info
Glam / Sleaze / Hard Rock
Sweden (


1982 - XXXX
Mattias Wellhag - Vocals (Desolation, Rescue, Straitjackets, House Of Heavy, P.I.G., Blackstorm, Preserved in Grace)
Ulrik Seppänen - Guitar (Desolation, Rescue, Straitjackets, Rebel Road)
Stefan Karlsson - Guitar (Straitjackets, Rebel Road, Babylon)
Niklas Edvinsson - Bass (Desolation)
A band from Mellerud playing glam / hard rock in the vein of Racer X, Ratt and TNT. Ulrik, Mattias and Niclas have played under various constellation such as Tranz and Rescue. Stefan was earlier in the Uddevalla band Babylon. Glam Slam recorded a 6-track demo in 1989 featuring songs such as "Twelve On A Ten Scale" and "Body Heat". They also had the song "My Heart Bleeds For You" featured on the 'Rockbox (1989)' compilation. Glam Slam had no drummer so the songs was recorded with a drum-machine. Mattias, Ulrik and Stefan later formed the band Straitjackets (the song "Stripped To The Bone" can be found on the bonus CD included with Janne Stark's book 'The Heaviest Encyclopedia Of Swedish Hard Rock And Heavy Metal Ever!').
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