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Göran Nordh (Swe)

Göran Nordh (Swe)
Band Info
Hard Rock / Heavy Metal
Sweden (


Göran "Glory North" Nordh - Vocals R.I.P. (Glory Bell's Band, Glory North, Madness Age, Earth Gravity, X-Ray Free)

Session Musicians
Pekka Adolfsson - Guitars (Madness Age, Intermezzo, Adam Gul Band)
Conel Winblad - Guitars (Stitch)
Kent Karlsson - Guitars
Micke Johansen - Bass (Nattfrost?)
Jens "J:son" Tillqvist - Bass
Botte (Bo?) Westerlund - Drums (Nattfrost?)
Sandy B. Hansen - Drums
Info from Janne Starks Encyclopedia
This was the first release from singer Göran Ove "Glory" Nordh, born 1958. He went through  several bands before this, such as Earth Gravity, Madness Age, X-Ray Free and Nasty. In 1980 he joined the band Glory Bell's Band/Glory Bells, who also re-recorded both songs. He then took the stage name Glory North and formed a band with the same name. Musicians on the A-side feature guitarist Pekka Adolfsson (later in Intermezzo) bassist Micke Johansen and drummer Botte Westerlund. On the B-side there's guitarists Conel Winblad and Kent Karlsson, bassist Jens "J-Son" Tillqvist and drummer Sandy B Hansen. Göran sadly passed away in February 2008.
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