Added: 06 May 2016

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Galaxy (Swe / Gävle)

Galaxy G vle
Band Info
Punk / Rock / Hard Rock
Sweden (


Måns Ahlén - Vocals, Guitar
Magnus Berglund - Guitar (United?)
Thomas Jackson - Bass
Jöns Ahlén - Drums
Torbjörn Uddevik - Keyboard
Not to be confused with Galaxy from Mariestad.

Punkish rock / hard rock band from Gävle. Had the song "Se På Mig" on the 'Boys & Girls - Helge's 87'compilation. They was also featured on the second volume 'More Girls than Boys - Helge's 89', released on cassette. Thomas and Jöns was only 10 years old when "Se På Mig" was recorded.
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