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Glory Bell's Band (Swe) - Sweet Irene

Don't look at me like that
With your brown eyes
You paralized me more than once
We are engaged on both sides
Yeah, on both sides, yeah

You didn't believe me
when I said: It's true!
I want and need you
Say yes for a few months
Say yes for a few months, yes

Love, love, is like smog
So I can't breath
The air is so dirty that I can't see
Love is blind

A month is like a second in an hour,
or a fast flash in life of the universe
Be kind and let me be your lover
Please don't say no
Please don't say no

Why did you lie to me that night?
Do you think it was right?
I like to meet you again
without sin, my sweet Irene
Oh, my sweet Irene yeah

Yes I'm high on love, oh yeah
Jesus Christ, yes I'm high on love

I'm high on love
Oh why? Oh

High on love

Music: M. Andersson, F. Santunione, M. Santana, P. Udd, B. Andersson, G. North
Words: G. North
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