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Ghost (Swe / Finspång)

Ghost (Swe / Finspång)
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Melodic / Powerpop / Rock / Hard Rock
Sweden (


1984 - ca 1988 (changed name to Icarus)
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Anders Måreby - Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard (Icarus, Unicorn, Brejn Dedd, Edge of Sanity (guest), Theatre of Tragedy (guest))

Dag "Tom Nouga" Swanö - Guitar (Unicorn, Nightingale, Pan.Thy.Monium, Karaboudjan, Tom Nouga, Depp Döden, Träpissoaren, Dag Swanö's Äventyr, FSHA)

Per Runesson - Bass (Icarus, Unicorn)

Dan "Danne / Day DiSyraah" Swanö - Vocals, Drums (Icarus, Unicorn, Nightingale, Pan.Thy.Monium, Ribspreader, Vinterland, Katatonia, Katatonia, Demiurg, Star One, Route Nine, Karaboudjan, Incision, Masticate, Sörskogen, Total Terror, Second Sky, Darkcide, Steel, Diabolical Masquerade, Overflash, Frameshift, Dan Swanö, Stygg Död, Obliterhate, Godsend, Infestdead, Maceration, Brejn Dedd, Bloodbath, De Infernali, Exhumation, Ophthalamia, Altar, Another Life, Odyssey, Edge Of Sanity, Mörk Gryning, etc)
Formed ca 1984 by the duo Dan Swanö and Anders Måreby. A few years later they were joined by bassist Per Runesson. The early recordings featured Anders Måreby as vocalist, however Swanö would take over the vocal duties after Anders lost his range in his late teens. After a performance in the "Battle of the Bands-style" competition "Rock SM" in 1988, they recruited Peter Edwinzon and Björn Eriksson from the dissolving local band ATTENTION. Then GHOST became ICARUS.. and later… UNICORN.
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