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Ghost (Swe / Finspng)

Ghost (Swe / Finspng)
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Melodic / Powerpop / Rock / Hard Rock


1984 - ca 1988 (changed name to Icarus)
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Anders Mreby - Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard (Icarus, Unicorn, Brejn Dedd, Edge of Sanity (guest), Theatre of Tragedy (guest))

Dag "Tom Nouga" Swan - Guitar (Unicorn, Nightingale, Pan.Thy.Monium, Karaboudjan, Tom Nouga, Depp Dden, Trpissoaren, Dag Swan's ventyr, FSHA)

Per Runesson - Bass (Icarus, Unicorn)

Dan "Danne / Day DiSyraah" Swan - Vocals, Drums (Icarus, Unicorn, Nightingale, Pan.Thy.Monium, Ribspreader, Vinterland, Katatonia, Katatonia, Demiurg, Star One, Route Nine, Karaboudjan, Incision, Masticate, Srskogen, Total Terror, Second Sky, Darkcide, Steel, Diabolical Masquerade, Overflash, Frameshift, Dan Swan, Stygg Dd, Obliterhate, Godsend, Infestdead, Maceration, Brejn Dedd, Bloodbath, De Infernali, Exhumation, Ophthalamia, Altar, Another Life, Odyssey, Edge Of Sanity, Mrk Gryning, etc)
Formed ca 1984 by the duo Dan Swan and Anders Mreby. A few years later they were joined by bassist Per Runesson. The early recordings featured Anders Mreby as vocalist, however Swan would take over the vocal duties after Anders lost his range in his late teens. After a performance in the "Battle of the Bands-style" competition "Rock SM" in 1988, they recruited Peter Edwinzon and Bjrn Eriksson from the dissolving local band ATTENTION. Then GHOST became ICARUS.. and later UNICORN.
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Albums (5)
Songs (30)
# Song Album
1 Demonernas Intrng Djvuls Triangeln
2 Djvuls Triangeln Djvuls Triangeln
3 Han Vill Bli En Stjrna Djvuls Triangeln
4 Kamp Fr Livet Djvuls Triangeln
5 Tnd P Djvuls Triangeln
6 Vakande gon Djvuls Triangeln
7 Rdda Dom Djvuls Triangeln
8 Ddens Dimma Live Rehearsals
9 De Lyssnar Inte P Oss Live Rehearsals
10 n Sen D, Vem Bryr Sej Live Rehearsals
11 Hiroshima Hollywood
12 Hollywood Hollywood
13 Den Sista Striden Hollywood
14 Bergets Makt Hollywood
15 Tellus Hollywood
16 Pioneer Hollywood
17 Guldet I Skyn Hollywood
18 P Jakt Demo
19 Varfr r Det Shr Demo
20 U.F.O. Demo
21 Geronimo Demo
22 Djingis Kahn Solens Sner
23 Havets Skrck Solens Sner
24 Hr Vill Jag Vara Kvar Solens Sner
25 Avskedet Solens Sner
26 Oknt de Solens Sner
27 Se P Vran Vrld Solens Sner
28 Solens Sner Solens Sner
29 Vietnam Solens Sner
30 Problembarn Solens Sner
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